McDonald’s is one of the biggest chains in the world of food and it’s the favorite place for food lovers. So the McDonald’s has come up with their way of taking the surveys known as the MCDVoice survey which takes the reviews of customers. There is no person who is unaware of the quality of food and also the service which is provided at McDonald’s.

In a market with lots of competition, there is an important need for continuous improvement in food and service. McDonald’s continuously keeps on adding new food items to their menu and also they are continuously updating their services. Restaurant in order to know the quality of their restaurant wants to know the overall experience of their customers.

McDvoice Survey – Welcome to Official Survey

The McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey consists of some of the basic questions related to their experience at the restaurant and win prices. The customer can provide honest answers to all the questions and win rewards that are offered by the MCDVoice survey. These kinds of surveys benefit the companies a lot and make them better each day. In this article, I have mentioned all the information about the MC Donald’s survey.

Welcome to Official MCDVOICE survey for mcdonald"s

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What is the MCDVoice survey?

MCD Voice survey is a customer satisfaction survey that has been processed by McDonald’s to know and understand the requirements and happiness of the customers. The MCD Voice survey helps McDonald’s to make an improvement with its company.

In the survey, certain questions are asked about McDonald’s like services, food quality, the behavior of employees, sanitation, and such questions related to your latest experience at McDonald’s. It is like the best way to communicate between the customers and the company and it helps in developing the standards of McDonald’s.

In order to make sure that McDonald’s customers are always pleased to see their favorite outlets as well as eating from the long food items from the menu, McDonald’s regularly conducts customer surveys.

These surveys mainly consist of concerns seeking customers’ responses to the restaurant’s product or services of high quality. The customers can take up the survey by going to McDonald’s site www.McDvoice.con

mcdvoice survey at official

The customer feedback survey contains 8-12 simple questions and also is very simple to complete. McDonald’s offers a number of freebies such as totally free burgers, fries, or a meal. The offers go on transforming every so often. All the customers need to do is finish the survey after which they are given a code. They should check out at any kind of McDonald’s outlet within the following 30 days and use the code to redeem the offer.

For you to make it easy of finishing the Mc DVoice survey, I have actually given a complete simple which will explain how a customer can take the McDonalds customer satisfaction survey at

Toll Free Number1-800-244-6227 (7AM to 7PM)
CountryUnited States and Canada
RewardCashbacks, Burgers
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
Head Quarters Address2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523
Email[email protected]
RequirementReceipt Number
Validity7 Days

Requirements of MCDVoice survey

In order to participate in the MCD Voice survey and win good offers then you need to ful fill the following requirements.

  • The first thing you need to have with you is an electronic device (Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone) with strong internet connectivity in order to visit the official survey website
  • You also need to have a printer to take the printout of the receipt once you complete the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey. The printout will include the validation code that you can use at any McDonald’s outlet. If you don’t have a printer then it is not that compulsory you can note down the code or take the printout from any cyber café.
  • The next thing you need to have is the recent purchase invoice from McDonald’s that will have a 26 digit survey code printed on it. You will have to manually enter the survey code when you begin your survey.
  • You need to know either the English or the Spanish language and the survey is available in these two languages.
  • To take part in the survey your age must be at least 15 years. The age limitations are mainly put so that there is a better understanding of questions.
  • You cannot take more than five surveys in a month for a particular restaurant even if you are a regular visitor but you can take multiple surveys from different restaurants.
  • Lastly, you are allowed to take part in the survey within 30 days from the date on which you visit McDonald’s.

Once you are done with having all the requirements that are necessary for taking part in the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey then participation in the MCdonalds survey becomes easy for you. After completing the requirements then you can go to the rules and regulations for taking part in the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey.

Rules and Regulations 

In order to participate in the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey, you need to follow certain rules and regulations. The rules and regulations are mainly about the rewards, the invoice, and the validation code. Below are all the rules and regulations. Check also myaarpmedicare survey

  • The invoice that you will be using for the survey need not be more than 7 days old. The invoice that is older than 7 days will lose its validity.
  • The survey can be taken five times a month.
  • The validation code that you receive after completing the survey is important to redeem the rewards that you receive on taking the survey. You will get the validation code only after completing the survey.
  • The reward is valid only for 7 days and it will be canceled automatically.

If you follow all the rules and regulations perfectly then you can easily take part in the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey. After knowing all the rules and regulations then you need to satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

There is certain eligibility for taking part in the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey. Below are all the eligibility criteria.

  • The age limit for taking part in the survey is 15 years.
  • The employees of McDonald’s, any officers, staff members, or the relatives of the staff members are not allowed to take part in the survey.
  • The customer taking the survey must be a resident of the United States of America or the District of Columbia. It is not valid for any other region.

These are only the eligibility criteria that can be used to take part in the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey. If you have satisfied all the eligibility criteria then you are all set to participate in the MCDVoice survey.

Now you know everything about the MCDVoice survey and it’s time for you to participate in the MCDVoice survey.

How to take part in the MCDVoice Survey?

When you have all the requirements with you and also you know all the rules and regulations then it’s time for you to participate in the MCDVoice survey. So just need to follow simple steps. We have mentioned the simple step-by-step guide for you.

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to visit the MCDVoice survey website i.e.
  • Step 2: Now, you will be directed to the McDvoice Survey official site home page. survey official site

  • Step 3: In order to start the survey you need to enter the 26 digit survey code. You will find the survey code on the last invoice for your last visit to McDonald’s.
  • Step 4: Once you enter the survey code you will also be asked to enter the date and time of your visit to McDonald’s. You will find all the details on your invoice.

mcdvoice survey

  • Step 5: After you submit all these details then the survey will begin and you will be asked some of the basic questions related to your visit and mainly about your experience at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s customer support – MCDVOICE.COM

  • Step 6: You need to make sure that you answer all the questions honestly as it will impact the services of McDonald’s.

What are the requirements for MCDvoice McDonald’s survey?

  • Step 7: After you have answered all the questions of the McDvoice survey then you will be asked whether you want to participate in such surveys in the future as well. If you want to participate then give your consent.

Requirements for MCDVOICE

  • Step 8: Now you need to “click on Next”

you have to select which order have you ordered from mcdvoice

Did you face any problem during your card?

official website of mcdvoice

  • Step 9: You also need to give your Email details so it will be easy to contact you in case you are the winner.
  • Step 10: Next, you will be asked to enter your contact details. You don’t have to worry about the privacy of your contact details as they are absolutely safe with McDonald’s.
  • Step 11: You are done with the McDvoice survey and now you will get the opportunity to get to enjoy the free meal at McDonald’s.


Now you know how to take the MCDVoice survey and you are all set to win amazing offers provided by McDonald’s. I hope that the step-by-step guide provided by us was easy to follow and you liked it.

How to find the McDonald’s near me?

mcdonald' survey

By now you have all the information about the MCDvoice and also you would be just waiting to visit the McDonald’s that is closest to you. But wait do you know the nearest McDonald’s to you. I am here to help you with it. Here I have provided a simple guide for you in easy steps to find the nearest McDonald’s to you.

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to visit the McDonald’s website.
  • Step 2: Next, on the top right corner you will be able to find the locate option, click on it.
  • Step 3: Now, you will be taken to another page that’s consists of the locator.
  • Step 4: You will have to enter the zip code or the name of your city.
  • Step 5: You will also be able to see the option of locating me that will detect your location.
  • Step 6: Once you are done with the location you will be able to see the nearest McDonald’s to you.
  • Step 7: For better navigation to McDonald’s you can use the map.

Now you are done with locating the nearest McDonald’s outlet to you and you are all set to enjoy your favorite meal at the McDonald’s and also use your coupon to get lots of offers that are underlying in your coupon.

Rewards for you from MCDVoice Survey

The MCDVoice survey is started by McDonald’s on has actually been an effort to understand how customers really feel about their meals and also what their experience has been while visiting the restaurant. The aim is to assess satisfaction levels through the same. Customers have an opportunity here to put forward their views and also actually assist make the ding experience much better.

While taking part customers can win a cashback of amounts that will be randomly selected by the website. Free burgers are additionally included in the prices so it’s worth the 10 to fifteen minutes you will definitely spend filling up the survey questionnaire. Another addition to this is the $25 discount which McDonald’s voice surveyors will certainly get on finishing.

The winners from the McDonalds survey may get a gift card of $100 after they are made with their comments. It is not a time taking procedure, and also the rewards that you get in return are also pretty fantastic.

Benefits of MCDVoice Survey

Here I have mentioned some of the important benefits of the MCDVoice survey.

  • One of the possible reasons that your reviews would be a wastage of time but it is not so your reviews are extremely useful to the restaurant.
  • McDonald’s is an amazing brand name in a chain of food outlets and the menu and is regularly revitalized. To see whether McDonald’s is performing best the customers should take part in the survey.
  • So by taking part in the survey, you are assisting McDonald’s to boost its administration as well as improve quality. Also, it hardly takes a couple of mins to complete the survey and get the coupon that you can use on your visit to McDonald’s.

Contact Information

In case, If you have any queries regarding the McDvoice survey, you contact us anytime by these toll-free numbers and the McDvoice office.

  • McDonald’ Headquarters: 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523
  • McDonald’s Customer Care Number: 1-800-244-6227 ( 7 AM to 7 PM)
  • McDonald’s Email Address: [email protected]
  • McDonald’s official website:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Customers from all over the United States take part in McDVOICE to complain concerning all types of problems they are dealing with to Mcdonald’s Management team. On understanding these problems, McDonald’s makes certain that the problem is resolved at the earliest. This is one of the largest motives that McDonald’s is cherished by means of humans now not solely in the United States however all over the world. check also Tellhappystar survey from here.

Customers from a number of international locations put up this survey to whinge about all sorts of troubles they are dealing with to Mcdonald’s Management team. When McDonald’s comprehends these problems, they rapidly take action to get to the bottom of and enhance it. Due to this non-stop modification, Mcdonald’s will become a very well-known and favorite fast-food chain for the people.

Q1: How to Find Out The Validity Of The McDVOICE Validation Code?

  • Ans: The McDVOICE survey validation code is valid for 30 days after completion of the McDVOICE survey.

Q2: What Is The Age Limit To Take The Mcdvoice Survey?

  • Ans: You ought to be 15 years or older to take part in the McDVOICE survey.

Q3: How Do We Claim Discounts And Rewards For The McDVOICE Survey?

  • Ans: Receive delicious free foods and money rewards after validating your McDVOICE validation code at any McDonald’s store.

Q4: How Often Can we Take The McDVOICE Survey?

  • Ans: The McDVOICE survey permits each consumer to complete the McDVOICE survey 5 instances a month.

Q5: Is the voucher redeemable on online orders made through the app?

  • Ans: Yes, you can redeem the voucher in an online order by means of getting into the voucher small print underneath the column “vouchers and coupons” cited on the price web page all through the ultimate checkout.

Q5: How much time does this survey take to complete?

  • Ans: This client pleasure survey infrequently takes 5 minutes to be carried out by each and every customer.

Q7: Where can we get the right of entry to the McDVOICE Survey?

  • Ans: You can take part in this purchaser pleasure survey at the professional internet site of McDonald’s at

Q8: What sandwich will I get for taking part in the McDVOICE Survey?

  • Ans: The kind of free meals or sandwiches you will be supplied at the McDonald’s is decided when you go to McDonald’s with your survey code. There are no specs for the kind of free McDVOICE sandwich you will be presented at McDonald’s.

Q9: Is it integral to redeem my voucher rewards within 30 days?

  • Ans: Yes, the business enterprise has expressly laid down the phrases and stipulations which mention that you want to avail of the voucher advantages inside a length of 30 days. If you leave out the expiry date of the voucher, it becomes invalid and won’t be popular at the outlet.

Q10: What if I don’t lift my validation code to the outlet?

  • Ans: It is the vital prerequisite that you want to have your validation code when you go to the restaurant to redeem the identification alongside your receipt of the preceding purchase. If you do no longer raise the same, you won’t be capable of reveling in the advantages of the voucher.

Q11: What is the cause of conducting the McDVOICE Survey?

  • Ans: The sole reason for conducting the McDVOICE Survey has helped to beautify the consumer delight level on their premises. McDonald’s simply chooses to analyze their offerings and enhance them if needed. McDonald’s desires to supply the excellent and McDVOICE is simply the great tool for them to be the best.

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